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Over the Horizon
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1.  You Make Me Believe
2. Ride With Me
3. Little Piece Of Heaven
4. Turn To Me
5. Jade
6. Anywhere But Where I Am
7. Pressin' On
8. Over The Horizon
9. No Stranger To The Blues
10. Soul Survivors
11. Real Thing

When The Jitterbug Bites
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1. Ging Ginga Ding 
2. Boogietime 
3. Sea Of  Miracles  
4. Ring That Bell 
5. Tango Mi Corazon 
6. Like-I-Doo 
7. Sittin' On Santa's Knee 
8. 35 Cents   
9. High Steppin' 
10. Don't Dawg This Cat 
11. When The Jitterbug Bites
"Hot damn! Here's a rollicking, guitars full forward, harmonica and big backing vocal rock record. Fronted by Nashville veteran Joe Turley -- whose Keith Richards voice is a joy to behold -- Over the Horizon is concrete-solid proof that country may pay Nashville's bills, but rock and roll is how it has its fun."
- Todd Beemis,
" The only thing wrong with Joe Turley's new CD is that
not everyone has it! The songwriting, vocals, musicianship, arranging, everything is just the best I've heard in years! It's very tight, and I love it over & over again."
- Patty Yagtu, Rock Solid Pressure
"Over The Horizon" is a special sound, an artful sound,
a soulfoul sound, its rock, its blues, its country and a little bit of jazz thrown in as a blues based tone. Joe Turley has successfully taken all these sounds, put them in one neat package and put together the most enjoyable 11 tracks you will ever hear. Vocally powerful with great orchestration is a combination difficult to ignore."
- Bert Gagnon,
Over the Horizon is soulful and soul-stirring. Joe Turley
taps into his spirituality and has the rhythm-and-blues chops to deliver.
- Chip Withrow, Muses Muse


Listen to the Jazz Show podcast featuring Joe Turley
and music from his CD, When The Jitterbug Bites.

"From the excellent musicianship of this well seasoned band,
to the amazing charisma of Joe . . . This music has the ability to take your mind off of everything else." 
- Michael Allison, THE GLOBAL MUSE
"What is enjoyable about this collection is its feel-good approach.
Excellent solo work abounds!"
"Keep making us dance and laugh and be young."
- John D. Loudermilk , Grammy Winning Songwriter

"This is a fine artist delivering a wonderful performance."
- Ray Agnew, GODS OF MUSIC
"The entire CD is riddled with the high-stepping freedom
of jump-n-jive swing so get out your martinis and fire up your cigars."


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