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Interview with Tom Yanno

Joe Turley is far too humble. When Musicians Realm recently asked the singer/ songwriter/ saxophone player/ blues harp player/ piano man the secret to the enormously engaging CD, When The Jitterbug Bites, he gave credit to everyone around him. “I had the great experience of working with fantastic musicians and doing something of this scope with as many parts, you really need to have great players” Turley said. 

Although Turley is correct about the plethora of talented musicians on hand to help out in Nashville, he does not give himself enough credit for this fine work. When The Jitterbug Bites is an entertaining and complex work, consisting of songs that run the gamut from swing to boogie-woogie, to rocking blues. It has a huge sound and was put together and arranged extremely well. “I had a vision for each song like a musical play where all of the parts had a real reason to be there. There’s a lot of parts and a lot of instruments in there and each one has a significant voice in the song. A good deal of this is just tongue-in cheek and sheer having a ball in the studio. 

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Interview with Swing City Sam

Swing City Sam: What was the name of the first song I just played?

Joe: That was a tune called "35 Cents". That's really the only protest song on the CD. I have a real problem with trying to get past the quarter. A quarter is so easy. So one day I was just over and over trying to look for that extra dime. That's where that song came from.

Swing City Sam: Joe is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. That's a good place to be a resident of. Last time I was down there, Joe, what I found that the musicians in that town are so friendly. Everybody is a musician. You can go into a club and start talking to people and the next thing you know you are on stage playing with them . You got a wide variety of people on this album. I guess a lot has to do with that whole open music culture in Nashville.

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Interview with Lise Avery

Lise Avery: I am hanging out with Joe Turley and his album "When the Jitterbug Bites". We are going to begin this jump boogie set with "Boogietime", which we have done so many times before but we haven't had Joe in the studio before. "Boogietime" one of my favorite cuts from Joe's album "When the Jitterbug Bites".

Lise Avery: Now you have been on tour with Dolly Parton? What is that like?

Joe: I sure have. She is really who she is... the lady you see on TV interviews and in the movies even. She's just the sweetest thing in the world and very kind, great musician songwriter. It was one of the wonderful times of my life to get to work with her band.

Lise Avery: Leon Russell and Edgar Winter ... let's list some of your credentials.

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